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Memoranda/Appeal Letters:

» CAP Urges the Malaysian Government Not To Sign the TPPA - The Trade Deal That Will Rob Our Future
Online Publication Date:09 November 2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement text was finally released on 5 November 2015, almost five years after Malaysia joined the negotiations. There are more than 6,100 pages making up the TPPA text. Detailed analysis of the text will take some time, but already we can point to several adverse impacts for Malaysia.

» Malay Economic Action Council demands Malaysia's withdrawal from TPPA negotiations
Online Publication Date:17 May 2013
'To sign an agreement with such far reaching negative impact on the country without even debating it in Parliament and proper and meaningful public consultation - an agreement where the risks far out-weigh the benefits - will be a travesty of justice of the highest order and a slap on the face of the democratic process.'

» Memorandum to the US Embassy On Global Day of Action against FTAs APRIL 11, 2013
Online Publication Date:18 April 2013
In solidarity with groups all over the world participating in the Global Day of Action against FTAs, Gabungan Rakyat Membantah FTA submits this memorandum to the Embassy of the United States of America to express its members’ grievances and concerns with the substance as well as manner of negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.


» Memorandum to the EU Delegation to Malaysia on Global Day of Action against FTAs April 11, 2013
Online Publication Date:18 April 2013
Civil society concern stem from a number of issues that have cropped up over the contentious proposals that have arisen in the course of the talks

» Joint Statement of Health Groups against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)
Online Publication Date:18 April 2013
Generic medicines save lives by preventing, curing and managing non-communicable and communicable diseases for all Malaysians, especially the lower-income and marginalised groups. The US via the TPPA is demanding strict provisions that will reduce access to these affordable medicines.

» TPPA: U.S. State Legislators Urge Rejection of Investor-State Dispute Settlement
Online Publication Date:07 September 2012
The ISDS has proven to be extremely problematic, undermining legislative, administrative, and judicial decisions, threatens the system of federalism established in the U.S. Constitution, interferes with our capacity and responsibility as state legislators to enact and enforce fair, nondiscriminatory rules that protect the public health, safety and welfare, assure worker health and safety, and protect the environment.

» CAP Lauds Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai for Statement on TPPA
Online Publication Date:15 August 2012
Liow had categorically asserted Malaysia’s disagreement with intellectual property proposals to the TPPA talks between Malaysia and eight other countries to extend patent protection for pharmaceuticals as being unfair for reducing the ability of Malaysians to obtain affordable medical treatment

» Accolades for Malaysian Health Minister's remarks re TPP
Online Publication Date:15 August 2012
Concerns came from unexpected quarters last week when Malaysia’s Health Minister expressed opposition to the TPPA if the deal meant access to affordable medicines would be impaired and if the government’s ability to implement policy in the public interest would be subject to legal suits by foreign investors.


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